Choosing the perfect flooring is one of the toughest decisions to make. Some people love the softness and prettiness of the carpet while some admire the natural beauty of hardwood. Though, each has a variety of characteristics that make them favorable for a particular environment to meet the specific needs. Whether it is carpet or hardwood, understanding the design, comfort, nature of materials, price and sustainability of both will help you make a detailed choice about which one to choose and apply in various locations.


Easy to Clean:Hardwoods cannot hide harmful particulate matter because of its smooth and solid surface that can be wiped off easily. This makes hardwood a lot easier to maintain as compared to carpets.

Prestige: Hardwood is a natural material and somewhat more expensive than carpeting which makes it a luxurious choice for residential applications.

Low-Allergy Surface: Hardwoods do not attract dust and contaminants to itself and offer a low-allergy surface for people suffering from allergies. The surface can be easily wiped clean to get rid of those potentially harmful particles.

Low Maintenance: Hardwood flooring requires less maintenance as compared to carpets, both in terms of effort and equipment. Wood flooring can be easily smoothened and refinished in case of damage.

Natural and Environment-Friendly: Since wood is a naturally occurring resource, hardwood flooring is a quality ecological choice. Not only do they require fewer raw materials in creating them, but they also require lesser energy and natural resources.

Timeless Appeal: Hardwood Flooring is being used for residential and commercial purposes for hundreds of years and despite the various shifts in its style and trends, it has never stopped being popular.

Easily Refinished: If a hardwood floor gets damaged due to a stain or some physical distress, chances are there that it might be refinished to look like new again. This involves sanding down the surface near the area of defect and then re-applying the finish products to make the floor look completely rejuvenated.


Softness and Comfort: Carpets are best for areas where you want to promote the atmosphere of comfort and relaxation. The prominent feature of a carpet is its softness and the way they feel beneath your feet. A carpet with a dense foam underlayment is much more comfortable than hardwood flooring.

Warmth: Carpets are warmer as compared to hardwood flooring. It acts as a blanket for your feet and also insulates the room by keeping the warmth indoors and not allowing it to escape through porous flooring materials.

Aesthetics and Selection: There are more carpeting options as compared to hardwood flooring options. This means you can get the exact carpeting you want because of the endless number of options to choose from.

Economical: Carpets are considerably less expensive than hardwood materials. They are faster and easier to install as compared to hardwood flooring which needs to be nailed down, glued and clicked into place.

Safety: The fact that carpets are soft makes it a safer flooring choice as compared to hardwood flooring. Carpets can be a strong consideration in homes with small children or elderly residents.

Sound Proof: The major drawback of hardwood floors is that they are loud. With carpeting, the entire surface of the floor is padded and insulated that does not allow sound to easily pass up or down through it.

Both the flooring options have their own pros and cons, but choose the one that meets the specific need of a particular area considering the above factors. And if you are still in doubt, consult with our experts to know more about the perfect flooring solution for your homes.


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